Emma Bosworth

Singer Songwriter



Ms Emma Bosworth“A strong voice of her own…” The Courier-Mail

If there is one trait all great artists share, it’s a sense of restlessness. It is a constant hard-wired drive to continually take their music in new directions – testing the waters, finding new sounds, creating
music in new ways. And it is something that has always been at the heart of Emma Bosworth’s music.

Catch her live and it’s hard to miss. In solo or duo mode her voice drips bluesy soul. But when backed by her stellar long-time band, things hit another gear altogether. Powerful, edgy, dynamic – Emma
prowls the stage like a force of nature. Subtle one minute, taking the roof off the next. It really is something to see.

From her earliest days in legendary Brisbane indie band The Flying Chimnees, through to her rock outfit J-Pan Fan and, more recently, her solo offerings Emma’s music has always been imbued with a
restless spirit. Her songs offer an endearing cocktail of wide-eyed optimism and a world wise perspective on the trials and little victories of life. The one constant throughout is Emma’s striking voice. Not one for vocal melodramatics, this is a voice that draws you in with that all-too rare combination of authenticity and genuine emotion – when Emma sings, you know she really means it.

It is a sound that’s all over her debut solo long player ‘Coming Up For Air’. The record cemented Emma’s reputation as a truly impressive artist by managing to stomp all over the conventions of the
‘singer-songwriter’ genre. A record of contrasts that somehow manages to sit in harmony, it brings together everything from the classic Brisbane pop feel of ‘My Town’, to the face-slappin’ party of ‘Save Me’ and the soul of ‘Penny’, a song which was nominated for a Queensland Music Award. The record itself was ‘Feature Album’ on 612ABC Brisbane, scored ongoing airplay around the country, and she was recently recognized as a finalist in the 2017 Tamworth Songwriters Association Alternative Blues Song of the Year.

“A cracker of a debut album…With superbly crafted songs sung with heart and soul, it’s not hard to
see why she is one of the great hidden treasures in the music scene today…probably not for long” 98.9FM.

Emma’s commitment to the craft has been demonstrated through the numerous other musical detours she continually takes. You can find her voice on the acclaimed Paddy McHugh album ‘Trials and Cape Tribulations’, while her music has been featured on television series Slide and 2014 feature film Predestination. More recently she has taken a major role with the unique songwriting project ‘The Soldier’s Wife’ which has included performances everywhere from regional Queensland to The
Sydney Opera House. Constantly writing and performing, Emma is on a creative roll with new songs and shows on the horizon. She continues to write and tour with the Soldier’s Wife project and recently wrote with Tim Steward (Screamfeeder) for Wild Mountains Songs – a regular collaborative songwriting retreat that was her brainchild. Add in a new album in the works and a run of 2018 shows and it’s pretty clear that Emma ain’t slowing down any time soon.


Listen to ‘Coming Up For Air’ at www.emmabosworth.bandcamp.com
Contact: findmissem@gmail.com