Wild MountainS Songs

A songwriter's retreat on the edge of the world

An Introduction

Wild Mountains Songs, is a songwriter’s retreat on the “edge of the world”. Inspired by the days of Songs of Applewood, and the need to escape reality in order to tap into her true creative self, Emma Bosworth created the retreat for established songwriters at a special place, The Wild Mountains.


The Wild Mountains, is an independent, community focused, non-profit organisation providing leadership in environmental education and conservation.


2019 Expressions of Interest open soon. 


Bow Campbell, Skye Staniford, Benjamin Hale, Robert Crook, Matt Cochran, Emma Bosworth, Eddie Jacobson, Yeo, Tamara Bell

“It’s so exciting to come away and realise that the world is still so full of potential – potential art, potential collaborations, potential new friends.  It was a real shot to the arm, and to be honest, I’m still quavering emotionally in my middle.  A lot to process, an amazingly rich gift of renewed vision in my life”
       – Tamara Bell (The Hits), 2017 participant



Kellie Lloyd, Tim Steward, Kahl Wallis, Megan Cooper, Benjamin Hale, Emma Bosworth

“The Wild Mountains was the perfect place to get away from the city and write songs. In fact it was the perfect place to get away for any reason. Beautiful views, fresh air, great little sleeping area and well appointed communal hall. I felt welcomed and it was a real honor to be invited to such a special place. The food was lovely, the walk around the forest was beautiful and seeing so many stars is always a revelation”
– Kellie Lloyd (Screamfeeder), 2016 participant

LISTEN TO SCREAMFEEDER SINGLE “All Over It Again “Written at Wild Mountains Songs 2016 here.

View other videos of songs written and recording during the last Wild Mountains Song retreat here